Starting to learn again and overcoming feeling like a fraud.

Much like the lockdown smash hit Among Us the feeling of being an imposter is one most people will face, especially when learning something new. Having switched from my career comfort zone (which you can read about in an earlier post by me) I’ve had feelings of being an imposter…

Or fake it until you make it.

Project four of my Software Engineering bootcamp rolls around and the requirement to have a Rails API backend was a fundamental part of the brief.

A backend, with data in it, how would I get that? Sure, there are some great free API that you can utilise for learning purposes…

The next part of the software engineering bootcamp saw the back end loom into view, for this module, it would be focussed on Ruby. The basics of Ruby are similar to JavaScript in that there are Objects and Arrays, or Hashes as Ruby refers to them.

The enumerable methods were…

Or how there are patterns in everything.

Having embarked on my first tentative steps into front-end development, the hours of bootcamp labs, lectures and lessons soon adding up; until one inoccuous looking lab appeared — “JavaScript Project Mode” — What was this?

A short brief: Find a public API and build something on a single page using…

Alex Amersi-Belton

Former tech banker, now aspiring software engineer. Feel free to get in touch.

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