Or how there are patterns in everything.

Having embarked on my first tentative steps into front-end development, the hours of bootcamp labs, lectures and lessons soon adding up; until one inoccuous looking lab appeared — “JavaScript Project Mode” — What was this?

A short brief: Find a public API and build something on a single page using it. There were a few more caveats but it was certainly sounding simple enough. I chose to enter “Project Mode” by taking some time to think about what was both a challenge and within my novice grip; and while idly playing a memory matching game with my daughter, inspiration struck.

Or why I chose to pivot my career after 13 years.

This is Pepper they are very important to me, I’ll ramble for a bit about what led up to to their significance to me.

Pepper the AI robot
Pepper the AI robot
Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

How it began

Picture the scene in the mid 2000’s where Nickelback and the Black Eyed Peas ruled the music charts and a fresh faced graduate in Marine Biology decided to switch from student life to that of a professional banker, leaving behind the beach, rock pools and seaweed counting of the past. I headed to London to join the at the time largest bank for business on a graduate scheme to become a specialist in…

Alex Amersi-Belton

Former tech banker, now aspiring software engineer. Feel free to get in touch.

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